Lekce angličtiny s Rýdlem
Přítomný prostý čas x přítomný průběhový čas (středně pokročilí)

1) I never _______ before 8 o'clock.
 am getting up
 get up
 gets up
 is getting

2) ___ Jason ________ now?
 Is, sleep
 Is, sleeping
 Is, sleaping
 Does, sleep

3) Mary ______ to university, that's right. But we have summer holidays now, so she ________ in a shop.
 is going, is working
 goes, works
 is going, works
 goes, is working

4) Mum has just returned from hospital. I _______ a brother now!
 am haveing
 am having

5) What do you usually do after you get up? - I _____ to the kitchen and ______ myself a nice cup of coffee.
 am going, make
 am going, making
 go, make
 go, I am making

6) Describe the picture in front of you, please. - Okay. I ____ see a man in the picture. He _________ in a park.
 am caning, is walking
 can, walks
 can, is walking
 can, walk

7) How often ____ you ____ a bus to get to school?
 do, use
 are, useing
 do, to use
 are, using

8) What time ____ the show ______ tonight? - At 8 o'clock.
 is, starting
 do, starts
 does, start
 is, start

9) What's your plan for tonight, Mary? - I ________ to the cinema with my boyfriend.
 am going
 do go
 am to going

10) Henry, what ____ you ______ these days? - I _________ for my exams.
 do, do, study
 are, doing, study
 are, doing, am studying
 are, doing, am studiing

11) ___ you ______ it?
 Are, feeling
 Do, feeling
 Do, feel
 Are, feel

12) Why _____ you _______ me?
 don't, believe
 are, not believing
 aren't, believing
 aren't, believeing

13) What time ______ your plane _________, Jane?
 is, departing
 is, departeing
 does, depart
 does, to depart

14) My sister bought another dog yesterday. Now she ______ three dogs.
 is haveing
 is having

15) I ______________ why she left.
 am not understanding
 don't understand
 not understand
 am understanding

16) I'm angry at Joe because he ___________.
 always smokes
 is always smoking
 is always smokeing
 always smoks