English lessons with Mr Rýdl
Used to do, be used to, get used to (Upper-intermediate)

1) When I was a kid, I _______ play cards with my dad.
 was used to
 used to
 am used to

2) ___ Jim _______ working from home?
 Is, used to
 Does, used to
 Did, use to
 Uses, to

3) I am ________ a lot of cigarettes every day.
 used to smoke
 used to smoked
 get used to
 used to smoking

4) How _________ the noise so fast?
 are you use
 do you got used to
 did you get used to
 are you used

5) I'm trying to get ______ the car but it's not easy.
 to use to
 used to
 used to do
 use to

6) Why is Jason standing there? - Can you see the school? He _________ there.
 got used to
 used to went
 is used to
 used to go

7) Have you managed to __________ the new operating system yet?
 are used to
 be use to
 used to do
 get used to

8) I'm sorry. I just don't think I'll ever ____ used to your boyfriend.

9) _____ John use to know Mary Jacoby?

10) How come Martin is so good at football? - He ________ professionally.
 was used to play
 never use to play
 used to play
 is used to play

11) Getting to work early isn't a problem, sir. I'm ___________ up at 5 o'clock.
 used to getting
 used to get
 not used to get
 not used to getting

12) Why do you never wear a watch? - I'm used __________ a mobile on me.
 to have
 to haveing
 to having

13) Do you really think that Mary will ever _____ used to this town?
 be get

14) My sister is ________ dogs.
 use to
 used to
 to used to

15) I ______________ smoke a year ago but now I smoke 60 a day.
 don't used to
 never use to
 didn't use to
 used to

16) He got used to _______ till noon during summer holidays. I hope that he'll _______ getting up early without big problems.
 sleep, be used to
 slept, got used to
 be sleeping, get used to
 sleeping, get used to