English lessons with Mr Rýdl
Regular and Irregular Plurals (Beginner)

1) Does James have only one book? - No, he has three _______.

2) Does Mary have only one box? - No, she has three _______.

3) I need two new ________. - Sorry, we have only one here.

4) How many _______ are there in this country?

5) There are three _______ in this town.

6) There are some _______ on the table.

7) Our family is very rich. We have three _______.

8) How many _______ are there in your class?

9) My grandparents have got three old _______ at home.

10) Would you like some _______, John?

11) There are many ________ in the streets.

12) There are three _______ at the table.

13) My sister has two _______.

14) Now you can say your three _______.

15) Where are my _______?

16) Mark is drawing some _______ on a piece of paper now.