English lessons with Mr Rýdl
Subject and Object Personal Pronouns and Possessive Adjectives (Elementary)

1) ____ friend Joe doesn't know ____.
 My, him
 Mine, her
 Me, his
 I, him

2) ____ dates ____ sister.
 He, my
 She, hers
 His, me
 Him, me

3) ____ aunt isn't with ____ now.
 His, them
 His, their
 She, them
 He, them

4) How many of ____ are at ____ uncle's?
 they, my
 them, mine
 them, my
 their, my

5) ____ don't agree with ____ views.
 Me, their
 I, their
 We, theirs
 I, them

6) ____ won't go anywhere with ____ and ____ friends.
 Her, you, your
 She, your, you
 She, you, your
 Her, you, your

7) ____ table is old but ____ colour is nice.
 Her, his
 Her, its
 Hers, it
 She, his

8) ____ teacher is old but ____ teaching is modern.
 Your, hers
 My, him
 Our, his
 Ours, him

9) ____ can see ____ dog at ____ bowl.
 My, her, his
 Me, her, him
 I, her, its
 Me, him, its

10) ____ sister doesn't work with ____.
 Our, them
 Our, their
 Our, they
 Ours, their

11) ____ take out money from ____ account.
 We, him
 They, his
 Their, him
 They, hers

12) ____ youngest niece doesn't have ____ pet.
 His, hers
 Mine, her
 Me, hers
 My, her

13) ____ tell ____ parents.
 They, theirs
 They, his
 Them, him
 They, hers

14) ____ parents don't know about ____.
 Hers, its
 Her, it
 Ours, them
 Her, its

15) ____ can't continue without ____ help.
 Her, his
 She, his
 Her, him
 Hers, his

16) ____ sang ____ song at ____ wedding.
 She, him, my
 She, our, mine
 Her, my, his
 She, his, my