Lekce angličtiny s Rýdlem
Členy u zeměpisných názvů (vyšší středně pokročilí)
Doplňte do prázdných míst v textu člen určitý (the), nebo nulový (-).

My sister-in-law comes from South America, but now she lives with my brother in United Kingdom.

The Smiths have never been to France, but they have been to Netherlands twice and to Czech Republic once.

Jessica lives in New Zealand, but she's thinking of moving back to United States.

When Ivan arrived at the airport in New York, the weather was really horrible.

A: We're going on holiday to Alps this summer. Where are you going to spend your summer? B: We've had very good experiences with Mediterranean, so we're going to spend some time in Italy or Greece this summer.

Have you heard? Mr Smith has been sailing Atlantic Ocean for more than a month now!

Jim, come here! There's something new about the accident in Silicon Valley on TV!

A: Have you any idea where James lives? B: Sure. He lives with his sister in High Street not far from Mary's place.

I'd love to spend my Christmas Eve in Times Square. But I don't think I'll get enough money to buy a plane ticket to city of New York.

Mark is really crazy! He wants to run an ultramarathon in Sahara next year!

I read an interesting article about Mount Everest in a newspaper this morning. According to the article, tourists and climbers leave a huge amount of rubbish all over the place.

Look! I have some pictures here. This is Eiffel Tower in Paris. And this is White House in Washington. And this is Oxford University in England.