Lekce angličtiny s Rýdlem
Osobní zájmena podmětná a předmětná a přivlastňovací zájmena nesamostatná (pokročilí začátečníci)
Doplňte vhodná zájmena podle výrazů v závorkách.

Dear Martin,

I'm finally writing (Martin) (I) first letter from the Czech Republic. And I must tell (Martin) that this country is simply amazing.

On (I) first day here I met some people from the school where I am going now. (The people) are very friendly and also helpful, which is great because I need any help I can get from (the people) .

Let (I) write (Martin) something about (I) school now. (The school) is in a district of Prague called Žižkov. (The school) is an old building of four floors, where around 200 students from different countries and 20 teachers go from Monday to Friday to learn different languages including Czech. There are modern classrooms and all equipment (Martin) can imagine.

As I have already written, students go to this school from Monday to Friday. (Going to school from Monday to Friday) applies to (I) too, of course. I must say that I was a little surprised that (students including me) would have to go to school five days a week. After all, (I) stay here is about learning languages. But the teachers want (we) to learn the languages fast and thoroughly, so (the teachers) want (we) to go to school every weekday.

Speaking of teachers, (the teachers) are really good. I particularly like Ms Nováková, who teaches (we) Czech language. (Ms Nováková) is very kind and patient and a great teacher. Then I also like Mr José Sánchez. (Mr Sánchez) teaches (we) Spanish, of course. What I especially like about (Mr Sánchez) is that he makes (we) laugh a lot.

Of course, (I) stay here isn't only about learning at school. I have quite a lot of free time as well. So I spend (the free time) with (I) new friends getting to know this great city and meeting new people. People in Prague are kind of different from (we) . I think (the people here) nature is friendly, but (the people here) are not as open to newcomers as (I and you and the other people from our country) are and (the people here) are a bit colder, too. But I like (the people here) anyway.

And so I wonder what (Martin) school in Paris looks like. How many days a week do (Martin) have to go to (Martin) school? Write (I) about (Martin) teachers, too. Who of (the teachers) are (Martin) favourite ones and why? And who are (Martin) new friends in Paris? And what are the French like? Are (the French) very different from (I and you and the other people from our country) ?

I can't wait to hear from (Martin) ! Write to (I) soon!

Take care,