English lessons with Mr Rýdl
Phrasal Verbs: look for x look forward to (Intermediate)
Select appropriate phrasal verbs in correct forms. To look for sb./sth. = to try to find where sb./sth. is, to look forward to sb./sth. = to feel joy when you think of getting in touch with sb./sth.

Mr Smith has lost his glasses. Now he's them.

Jason would never alone.

I you, Mr Jameson.

Could you help me , please? I think I left it somewhere in this room.

Ms Stonebridge will , don't worry.

The whole family in the lake.

What is James ? - I think he's his umbrella.

The dog is clearly looking .

Little Angie always at her granny's.

When did you start ? - It was only an hour ago.

It's difficult not all the things we can buy for the money we won in the lottery on Monday.