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Phrasal Verbs: put on x take off (středně pokročilí)
Zapište vhodná frázová slovesa tak, abyste předměty v závorkách dali na správná místa. Put sth. on = obléknout/obout/nasadit si co, take sth. off = svléknout/zout/sundat si co.

Mr Rabbit likes to (a new shirt) every morning.

Mr Hamster has forgotten to (his contact lenses) and he can't see anything now.

A: Why did Ms Guineapig (her wig) ? - B: I think that she (it) because it's very hot today.

Mr Frog didn't (his muddy shoes) before he entered my office this morning. If he doesn't (they) again tomorrow morning, I'll immediately tell him to leave the office.

Miss Ferret likes to (her sister's skirts) . Of course her sister has no idea that Miss Ferret (they) .

Little Jimmy Mouse (his jacket) when he came to school and realized that he had forgotten to (a T-shirt) .

Little Angie Perrot forgot to (her shoes) and went to school wearing her slippers.

A: When did Mr Lion (his winter jacket) ? - I have no idea. But I saw him in it at 6 in the morning, so he must have sometime before 6.

Mr Hedgehog would like to (his new hat) as soon as possible because he wants to make a good impression on Ms Blackbird.

A: Mrs Giraffe wants to (her new dress) when she goes to tonight's party. - B: But isn't she wearing it now? - A: No, it's her old dress. She'll (it) in the evening and only then she'll (the new one) .

When teacher Rhinoceros (his old glasses) , all students knew that they were going to write a test. He always wears them during a test. He always (them) when students write a test to see if they cheat or not.