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Modal Verbs of Probability of Present and Future Actions and Situations (mírně pokročilí)
Zapište vhodná modální slovesa pro vyjádření pravděpodobnosti přítomných a budoucích dějů a stavů do prázdných míst ve větách.

You be very tired, sir. You've been travelling all day.

They be hungry. They haven't eaten for two days.

They sell the house tomorrow. They're holding a big party there at the end of the next month.

This project be easy. We've carried out a lot of similar projects and they've never been difficult.

This take long. The problem Sarah has to handle is quite easy.

John be at the party. He told me he wouldn't go there.

Sarah be already tired. She's tough but this race is very demanding.

This be true! It's just not possible!

No, Jane be ill. I've just seen her jogging with her dog in the park.

This car be very fast. It's a Ferrari.

James have just one child. My cousin saw him and his wife with two children yesterday.

Jim is very fast, he win the race.

Mary and her husband be at home by now. It's only 10 km far from here.

Look at that beautiful woman! I think I've seen her on TV. She a celebrity.

Henry's wedding be very nice. His and his girlfriend's families have invested a lot of money and energy in the preparations.

Mike's sister go to work tomorrow. I've just talked to her on the phone and she isn't feeling well.