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Modal Verbs of Probability of Past Actions and Situations (středně pokročilí)
Zapište vhodná modální slovesa pro vyjádření pravděpodobnosti minulých dějů a stavů do prázdných míst ve větách s použitím sloves v kulatých závorkách.

The car accident which happened yesterday (be) terrible. I've just read about it in a newspaper. Ten people were killed and many more were injured.

It (be) her but her sister. I'm not really sure.

Henry (meet) Jane yesterday. She's just told me on the phone that she hasn't talked to him for years.

Jane (be) somewhere in a park yesterday afternoon because I heard children playing, dogs barking and birds singing.

Our son (break) the window. We were all out of Prague yesterday.

My daughter (be) at school yesterday. My colleague may have seen her in the park yesterday morning.

Mike and Mary (get) divorced. I haven't seen them together for quite some time.

The Smiths (feed) their dogs. They are unusually noisy.

The film we watched yesterday night (be) very interesting because my dad didn't fall asleep.

The meal (taste) good at all because my brother didn't finish it. And he always finishes his meals.