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First Conditional (mírně pokročilí)
Tvořte podmínková souvětí prvního typu ze slov uvedených v levé části obrazovky. Pište plné tvary slov, tj. nepoužívejte stažené tvary. Příklad: if rain it tomorrow - I go out not --> If it rains tomorrow, I will not go out.

if I tired be very this afternoon - I bed stay -->

if my today sister not come - come she tomorrow -->

if we go Friday on to France - be happy I -->

you me help - if you time have ? -->

not I come see to you - if behave you this like -->

much how time spend me with - if come you tomorrow ? -->

if give hand a you I with the now dishes - you let watch me TV this afternoon ? -->

I not homework my do - if sister my not turn off music the -->

we go park the to - if weather the good be tomorrow -->

if mum my give money me - I go cinema to the you with -->