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Third Conditional (středně pokročilí)
Tvořte podmínková souvětí třetího typu ze slov uvedených v levé části obrazovky. Pište plné tvary slov, tj. nepoužívejte stažené tvary. Příklad: if have I time last week - I you help --> If I had had time last week, I would have helped you.

if be James at gym the Monday on - he meet there Amanda -->

Mike learn more - he have better a school report -->

if be I fluent Spanish in - I get job the -->

lives our change very much - if move we to Italy ? -->

I meet else somebody - if I not meet you -->

how you earn the money - if not you get that job ? -->

who you help - if have you an accident ? -->

they you expel school from - if not your father the headmaster to talk -->

be it problem a big - if run ouf of petrol we -->

if invest Jim all money his in bank that - he it all lose -->

if thief a steal Mr Bean's Mini - be very unhappy Mr Bean -->