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Phrasal Verbs: pick up x turn down (středně pokročilí)
Zapište vhodná frázová slovesa tak, abyste předměty v závorkách dali na správná místa. Pick sb./sth. up = vyzvednout koho/co, turn sb./sth. down = odmítnout koho/co, zamítnout koho/co.

Mr Beige was at the airport by his son-in-law.

Mrs Purple has to (her car) at a service station tonight.

A new law about gay marriages was yesterday.

Mr Brown's proposal has been .

A: Can you (our grandfather) at 6? - B: I'm sorry. I can't (he) at 6. But I could (he) at 7.

Why does Mr Black always (Ms White) after school?

Mr Orange has been so many times that he doesn't care any more.

Would you mind (our colleague Mr Purple) at the airport this afternoon?

I can't (my grandmother) today.

Mr Yellow is a very good poet. Let's not (his poems) !

Mrs Green won't have time this evening, so she can't (her father) at the bus station.