English lessons with Mr Rýdl
Subject and Object Personal Pronouns and Possessive Adjectives (Elementary)
Use correct pronouns (in accord with the expressions in the round brackets) to fill in the blanks in the text.

Jane: Where is (Jane's) T-shirt? - Mike: I don't know, Jane. I think (your T-shirt) could be in the living room. - Jane: No way, Mike. I would never leave (the T-shirt) in (Jane and Mike's) living room.

Mr Jones loves (Mr Jones's) dog very much. He bought (the dog) a year ago. (The dog) is very clever. Mr Jones trained (the dog) very well. (Mr Jones) calles (Mr Jones's) dog Runner.

Ian: Have you any idea where the Johnsons are? - Mary: I have no idea where (the Johnsons) are. But (the Johnsons') car is on (the Johnsons') driveway, so (the Johnsons) can't be far away.

Jason: Mary! Where did you put (Mary's) jacket? I need to take something from (of the jacket) pocket. - Mary: I think I left (the jacket) in the bedroom. - Jason: Okay. I'm going to (Jason and Mary's) bedroom now. Maybe I'll find (Mary's) jacket there.

Martin: I think that Mr Joel has a new car. Look! (The car) is in front of (Mr Joel's) house now. - Amanda: Let (Amanda) see... Hmmm... I don't think (the car) is (Mr Joel's) car. I saw this car yesterday and it was (Mr Joel's) brother who got out of (the car) .

Children, look at the big tiger in the cage. (The tiger) must weigh at least 200 kilos. And (the tiger's) colours are beautiful. But don't come near (the tiger) . Tigers are dangerous animals. This tiger could bite off (the children's) hand at the drop of a hat.

Ms White works in (Ms White's) garden every day. She starts (Ms White's) work there at 7 o'clock in the morning. She has beautiful flowers in (the garden) . She waters (the flowers) every day. I can see (Mr White) watering the flowers right now.

Detective Holmes is looking for (Holmes's) friend Mr Watson. (Mr Watson) disappeared two weeks ago. Nobody has seen (Mr Watson) since then. If you see (Mr Watson) , call Detective Holmes at (Holmes's) phone number, which is in the Yellow Pages.

Jane: Mum, where is my orange jacket? - Mum: I don't know where (Jane) put (the jacket) . Maybe you left (Jane's) jacket in the hall. Did you check (the hall) ? - Jane: I've just checked (the hall) , mum. (The jacket) isn't there. Can (Jane) borrow (mum's) green jacket? - Mum: No way! Last time (Jane) borrowed my jacket, you lost (the jacket) .

Sarah: James, (Sarah) would like to know where (Sarah and James) will go on holiday this summer. - James: (James and Sarah) are short of money, honey. I don't think (James and Sarah's) holiday will be abroad this year. - Sarah: But James, (James) promised me a great holiday this summer. And (Sarah) expect you to arrange (this great holiday) .

John: So, this is (John and Mary's) new house, Mary. - Mary: (The house) is lovely! How much did (John) pay for (the house) ? - John: Not much. I paid for (the house) around a million pounds. - Mary: Oh! Where did you get so much money, John? - John: (Getting the money) was easy. I asked (Mary's) mother and (Mary's mother) gave it to me.