English lessons with Mr Rýdl
Phrasal Verbs: turn up x turn out (Intermediate)
Write the correct forms of appropriate phrasal verbs down in the blanks below. To turn up = to appear (unexpectedly somewhere), to turn out = to end up (somehow), to reach the final phase.

We were all already very nervous when Mike finally .

I was afraid that we wouldn't catch the bus but it well and we caught it.

Ms Sweater at work only after the boss left.

Guess who at the party! Mr Trouser!

The birthday party badly because someone had stolen the cake.

Mr Trump's campaign well for his supporters but badly for Hillary Clinton's voters.

Do you think that Mike Sock will at school today?

Robbie Williams at yesterday's U2's concert.

Mr and Mrs Umbrella's honeymoon horribly because thieves had stolen Mrs Umbrella's diamond necklace in their hotel.

Little Jake Shirt's school report very well because he had got only one B.

Detective Belt is sure that the thief in the house cellar when everybody was sleeping.

Why do you always have to at the worst moment, Ms Coat?

Jack Jacket on the podium out of the blue.