English lessons with Mr Rýdl
Second Conditional (Pre-intermediate)
Make conditional sentences of the second type from the words in the left part of the screen. Use full forms of words, not contractions. Example: if not I time have this week - I you help next week --> If I did not have time this week, I would help you next week.

if tired I be - I not here be -->

Mike pay money the - if you not pay it -->

if be you I - I not do it -->

you me marry - if I be rich ? -->

not I go there - if alone be I -->

where you go - if can not me with you stay ? -->

how you get home - if not come I you for ? -->

you not homework do your - if not I tell you do to it -->

he lend his me phone - if my phone not work -->

if you bring money some - I supper cook tonight -->

if Schwarzenegger be Arnold American - he be US the the president of -->