English lessons with Mr Rýdl
Third Conditional (Intermediate)
Make conditional sentences of the third type from the words in the left part of the screen. Use full forms of words, not contractions. Example: if have I time last week - I you help --> If I had had time last week, I would have helped you.

if be James at gym the Monday on - he meet there Amanda -->

Mike learn more - he have better a school report -->

if be I fluent Spanish in - I get job the -->

lives our change very much - if move we to Italy ? -->

I meet else somebody - if I not meet you -->

how you earn the money - if not you get that job ? -->

who you help - if have you an accident ? -->

they you expel school from - if not your father the headmaster to talk -->

be it problem a big - if run ouf of petrol we -->

if invest Jim all money his in bank that - he it all lose -->

if thief a steal Mr Bean's Mini - be very unhappy Mr Bean -->