English lessons with Mr Rýdl
Articles (Pre-intermediate)
Fill in the blanks in the text with the correct article (a, an, the). If no article belongs there, fill in the blank with '-'.

I have key. Look at key! Isn't it nice key?

Mike has sister. sister is younger than Mike.

What's name of Martin's boss?

My father-in-law has car. car is new and very expensive. And it's very fast car.

I will buy dog. dog must be big. I will call dog Catcher.

A: Where is prime minister? - B: prime minister is at his cottage now.

Put sausages in fridge, please!

Is anybody in bathroom?

I think that your mobile phone is somewhere on carpet here.

Do you want more tea?

I don't like wine.

my friend Ian lives in Paris.

Mary likes going to cinema.

I don't think that Henry is at cinema now.

Sue likes children.

Who are children in our garden?

Our cousin goes to school by bus.

Is his daughter Jane at school now?

James works as teacher in school.

It's time to go to bed, Mike. You have to get up early tomorrow.

Mark's favourite subject is Geography. Is Geography your favourite subject too?

Jack lives in same house as William.

We will go to France next year.

Tell me more about your friend Jane. Is she smart girl? Is she pretty girl? And is she good friend?

A: How much are bananas? - B: They are 1 euro kilo.

Is it true that cats don't drink water?

I was born on third of September.

When do you want to eat lunch?

I want to have big breakfast tomorrow.

Does your sister Amanda play piano?

My cousin likes playing table tennis.