English lessons with Mr Rýdl
Phrasal Verbs: get on x get off x get in x get out of (Intermediate)
Write down appropriate phrasal verbs so that their objects in round brackets are put in the right places. To get on/off sth. = to enter/leave sth. (means of public transport + motorcycles, bicycles, scooters...), to get in/out of sth. = to enter/leave sth. (private means of transport except the ones you mount).

Mr Schnitzel hurried to the railway station to (his express train) to Berlin.

Ms Potato fell asleep in her compartment and forgot to (her train) .

Is it true that miss Rice (a taxi) to get to work every day?

Mr Cauliflower has never (a plane) as he's afraid of flying.

Could you (my car) now, please?

Mr Meatball would like to (the ship) as soon as possible as he is seasick.

Mrs Beetroot is going to (the bus) she's sitting on at the next station.

Mr Tomatosalad has just (that taxi) . I'd really like to know where he's walking now.

Old Ms Stewedvegetablesalad (the Titanic) and left for her cabin.

Carrot the rabbit managed to (a taxi) in little Mary's backpack. Now they can travel much faster than on foot.

Mr Potatosalad is standing in the rain waiting for a taxi. He can't wait to (the taxi) .